Our Vision

Our vision is split into 6 core areas


  • To unite and grow through mutual support and to share skills through networking with other fellow Agarwals and related associations around the world.

  • Provide exposure and linking with mainstream.

  • Regional and national growth of ABC, and recognition

  • Sharing information

  • Communicating opinions through the media


Cultural Events

To organize cultural events on festive occasions like Diwali, Holi, etc, thus nurturing the community’s musical and artistic talents amongst families and youth.


Cultural History

Promoting arts and culture. Talk about the history of Agarwals, collection of Agarwal-related information and books (e.g. in a central library). Also, books by Agarwals on even unrelated topics such as history, because they would reflect an Agarwal viewpoint on the subject.



Encourage get-togethers, Youth activities, Senior citizens’ activities, Set up ties with other Agarwal associations and Informal skill consultation: learning from each other,



Encourage Satsang,  havan, pooja,  Agrasen jayanti and yoga to help with the spritial growth of agarwal community.


  • Patronizing each other’s business

  • Establishing a fund

  • Extending a helping hand: Canada, India

  • Establishing scholarships

  • Supporting community

  • Senior citizen’s center

  • Working towards donation for a room or a wing in a hospital

  • Provide temporary shelter, or provide relevant information