About Us

About Agarwals Based in Canada​

        Agarwals Based in Canada (ABC) is a community organization started in 1997 and incorporated in Dec 2001 as a Not-For- Profit entity with the goals of promoting social, cultural, spiritual and economic growth of Agarwals in Canada so as to build a prosperous and successful community. Currently, there are about 800 families in GTA.

        Agarwal is a generic term that refers to people, originally from India, whose beliefs and lifestyle generally conform to “vaish values. Vaish culture is based on the following values: Non-violence, Honesty, Compassion, Justice and Family values. As a consequence, Vaish culture is defined primarily by a Saatvic lifestyle that embraces simplicity, discipline, truthfulness and vegetarianism. Members of the Agarwal community are known for their business acumen and have for many years been influential and prosperous in India.

        More than 5,000 years ago Maharaja Agrasen started our generation, known as Agarwals. Since then, it is heartening to note that Agarwals have excelled in business, professions, politics and arts and culture. Members of Agarwal community can be found in all walks of life, however, predominantly they are business people (small to large scale), science and business professionals such as doctors, engineers, scientists, information technology experts, accountants, professors, teachers, management graduates, marketing graduates, etc.

The key objectives of Agarwals Based in Canada (ABC) include but not limited to:

    Participating in mainstream causes: Terry Fox Run, Trillium Health Partners Foundation, Food Bank
    Promoting Art and cultural heritage by organizing social events
    Providing networking and relationship building opportunities to newcomers to Canada
    Growing culturally and economically
    Encouraging and supporting youth

        The aim of human life is not solely to make money and enjoy a good standard of living for/ by oneself; through collaboration and interdependence we can leverage our resources to advance in life, be good and do good to our community, our country and to the humanity while remaining truly proud of our culture and heritage.

Our Vision and Mission is split into 6 core areas​


    To unite and grow through mutual support and to share skills through networking with other fellow Agarwals and related associations around the world.
    Provide exposure and linking with mainstream.
    Regional and national growth of ABC, and recognition
    Sharing information
    Communicating opinions through the media

Cultural Events

    Promoting arts and culture. Talk about the history of Agarwals, collection of Agarwal-related information and books (e.g. in a central library). Also, books by Agarwals on even unrelated topics such as history, because they would reflect an Agarwal viewpoint on the subject.

Cultural History

    To organize cultural events on festive occasions like Diwali, Holi, etc, thus nurturing the community’s musical and artistic talents amongst families and youth.


    Encourage get-togethers, Youth activities, Senior citizens’ activities, Set up ties with other Agarwal associations and Informal skill consultation: learning from each other,


    Encourage Satsang, havan, pooja, Agrasen jayanti and yoga to help with the spritial growth of agarwal community.


    Patronizing each other’s business

    Establishing a fund

    Extending a helping hand: Canada, India

    Establishing scholarships

    Supporting community

    Senior citizen’s center

    Working towards donation for a room or a wing in a hospital

    Provide temporary shelter, or provide relevant information